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Next Week at a Glance for Families
Mrs. Karen Lunardoni, Principal
September 29 – October 3, 2014

Dear Jefferson Families,

            September is almost a memory as October is upon us.  While a great deal of time was devoted in September to the essential business of establishing classroom rules and procedures (something that research consistently demonstrates is necessary for effective instruction to take place), October traditionally marks the time when all the work of September pays of in smooth, efficient instruction for the remaining nine months.  It is in that spirit that I would like to share with you an article that came to my attention.  It lends weight to the argument that regular school attendance and academic success go hand-in-hand. 

Report: Early absences can set students seriously behind - By Kelly Waldron September 21, 2014 9:00 PM

Many New Jersey students are getting adjusted to their new classrooms as the school year gets underway, but many parents may not realize that missing two to three days of school per month can set students back at least a year academically, according to a new report by Attendance Works.

The report looked at student performance on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), which is an exam given to students in fourth and eighth grade. It compared scores with how many days students missed the month before the test. Children who missed three or more days a month had much lower scores, between 12 and 18 points lower, than those who missed none.

“That was only a one month period. But, we know from national research that if kids miss just two or three days every month, about 10 percent or more of the school year, or about 18 days per school year, it puts them behind academically,” said Hedy Chang, president of Attendance Works.

In New Jersey, 21 percent of fourth graders and 19 percent of eighth graders who took the test admitted that they were missing three or more days in the school year before taking the test.

“In New Jersey and every single state, those who missed a lot of school did not perform as well as those who did not. That was the case across every socioeconomic and ethnic group,” Chang said.

What many people do not understand is how much missing too much school can effect children even at the early grades. “If you’re chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade, your chances of reading by the end of third grade are pretty slim. By middle school, chronic absence is a sure fire indicator and early warning that you’re on the path for dropping out,” Chang said. “In the early years, you get to be a fluent reader by being around language and books especially for lower-income kids whose families may not have the resources to have books in their home.”

As children get older, the impact is across socioeconomic backgrounds. “In anything scaffolded, like algebra and math, where we as parents are depending on teachers to teach our kids, if kids miss a core fundamental concept, it’s not just the days they miss, but the days they’re back and can’t follow what’s going on in the classroom,” Chang said.

In schools where there are high levels of chronic absence, it is not just the children who miss school who are affected, but the entire classroom because teachers are struggling to teach and decide whose educational needs to meet in a particular day.

Read More: Report: Absence sets students behind |

             For those of you who like to mark your calendars with upcoming events, please note the following:

October 10: Nomination forms for our Veterans Day Guests of Honor are sent home today.
October 21 – 24: Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Early dismissal (1:40) for all children in grades K-4.  Mrs. Klein’s class is dismissed at 12:00 noon; Mrs. Spitzer’s classes take place as usual.
October 23: 6:00 PM Young Consumers Family Night: families (including siblings) of all third grade students invited to attend (more information to come)
October 31: 10:15 Annual Halloween Parade (details to follow)
November 2, 2:00 AM: Daylight Savings Time ends; enjoy that extra hour of sleep as the clocks “fall back” one hour!
November 4: All students attend assembly “The Illusion Maker” to raise environmental awareness.
November 5: PTA Event: Author Betty Tatham visits for the day!
November 6 and 7: School Closed for Teacher Convention
November 11: Annual Whole-School Veterans Day Assembly at 9:30 AM
November 18: Picture Re-take Day
November 20: Report cards from Marking Period 1 open for viewing through Genesis
November 22: Harlem Wizards Event at RHS – more information to come
November 26: Thanksgiving Friendship Fruit Salad Parade: more information to come
November 27 and 28: School closed for Thanksgiving recess

September 29

Think about it…

Someone once said, “I look for what is good in others and I say what I like about them.”  What does this mean to you?  This will be integrated into class meetings this week.


Happy Birthday to Addison C. and Gregory W.  

September 30

Happy Birthday to Madison M.




October 1

Happy Birthday to Matthew C. Angela K.  

Olweus Surveys being administered to students in grades 3 and 4 today.  If you do not wish your child to participate, please return the form that was sent home on Friday.  Any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Cicchone (formerly Miss Grande) at

October 2

Happy Birthday to Breanna M. and Aidan S. 


October 3

Happy Birthday to Leonardo P., Frank C., Olivia C., Evan P.,  and Joseph M.

 Birthday Lunches with a Buddy and Mrs. Lunardoni!

Kindergarten: Gregory W., Matthew C., Nolan Mc., Nolan M.
1: Addison C., Breanna Mc., Leonardo P. 
2: Aidan S.
3: Angela K.
4: Madison M., Evan P., Joseph M.




Welcome from Principal Lunardoni

Welcome to the website of Jefferson Elementary School... the home of Koala-Kindness! This is a place where you can find information about what is happening in our educational community, upcoming events, and how we can strengthen the essential bond between your homes and our school.

Jefferson Elementary School is located in the Succasunna section of suburban Roxbury Township. Our motto, Learning: A Shared Responsibility, is more than just words; it describes who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We believe that Jefferson Elementary School is a model of the educational strength that results from a happy marriage among the home, the school, and the community. With shared goals and determination, we can do anything!

Our Pre-K – 4 school is the educational home to approximately 350 children, 300 families, and 60 faculty and staff members. We are proud of our school and the culture of cooperation and Koala Kindness that we cherish and nourish.

Our Mission Statement just about says it all:

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Educational foundation for
Responsible and respectful citizens, who are
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