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Phone: 973-584-8955    
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School Hours:  9:10 AM - 3:20 PM 
(doors open at 8:50 AM)
NOTE: When there is a delayed opening, the doors of Jefferson School open at 10:50.
When there is an early dismissal, the students are dismissed at 1:40.

Jefferson School
Next Week at a Glance for Families
Mrs. Karen Lunardoni, Principal
September 1 – September 5, 2014

The first day of school is almost here!  We’re so excited!  Our goal for the week: Everyone begins and ends each day with a smile, children and adults alike. Here is some information that should help us get off to a smooth start…

The first day of school is exciting and, perhaps, a bit stressful, especially for those of you who are sending your child off to school for the first time. Please be assured that our guiding principle is to treat your children as we would want for our own.  It’s not uncommon for there to be a few tears on that first day (this applies to the children, too!) and we are committed to provide the comfort and support to make every child feel safe and secure.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I know how much you love your children.

The first few days of school are filled with getting routines in place, and helping things to run smoothly without sacrificing safety.  For that reason you may find some variation in the bus schedules as our drivers take special measures to put the faces and names together.  I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with the caring manner our drivers carry out their very challenging and important task.

If you drop your child off in the morning please remember that you have two options: you may use the car lane (the lane between the two rows of parked vehicles) and wait for your child to be greeted by a faculty member to be escorted into the school by the second entrance in front of the school, or you may park in the lower parking lot and accompany your child to either of the front entrances.  We ask that you arrive no earlier than 8:50 AM.

If you pick up your child at dismissal, please review the new procedure I outlined in my welcome back letter (available on the Jefferson web site).  Children will be dismissed to the gym where they will unite with their grown-up.  This new procedure is intended to provide an added measure of safety.  Please note that no child will be released without an adult unless the parents provide a note indicating that they approve.  If you wish to wait in your vehicle for your child to be dismissed, I urge you to designate another adult to escort your child out of the school.

Reminder: In order to maintain a secure environment parents/guardians are not invited to accompany children to the classrooms, including the first day of school.  Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. 

Another Reminder: Our school hours have changed slightly: the doors open at 8:50, and instruction begins at 9:10.  Dismissal is at 3:20.

Remember: Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 10.  Further information will be provided in next week’s edition of this newsletter.

Lastly and most importantly: Let there be no doubt: My job is to be here for you and your children.  Please feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns, while of course appreciating the fact that your child’s teacher is with few exceptions the best source of information and dialogue about your child. If you do not receive a response to an email within 24 hours (usually the same day) please call the school at 973-584-8955.



Labor Day!


 Teachers Return today…busy day with meetings!




Teachers Only…making final touches to welcome the children tomorrow!



Students Return!

Marking Period 1 begins; ends on  11/10/14

 Happy Birthday to the following students who have had birthdays this week:  Austin Christian, Charlotte Wlkes, Erin Kovalcik, and Riley Kovalcik. We will have our first Birthday Lunch on Friday, September 12. These children are invited to come down to the office today to select their birthday surprise!


Mrs. Lunardoni to give Bucket-Filling Lesson in classrooms as follows:

9:30   Mrs. Carroll     

10:00  Mrs. Marzocca

10:30  Mrs. LaDuke

1:30    Mrs. Meiser    

2:00   Mrs. Becker

2:30    Mrs. Eberding


Families: Ask your children what they learned about Bucket-Filling!


No birthdays today!


Mrs. Lunardoni to give Bucket-Filling Lesson in classrooms as follows:

9:30   Mrs. Green

9:45   Mrs. Derrick

10:00  Mrs. Henches

10:00  Mrs. Ruiz

10:30  Mrs. DiBiase

1:30   Mrs. Lamont

1:45   Mrs. Shannon

2:00   Mrs. Toupet

2:30   Mrs. Tiger



Welcome from Principal Lunardoni

Welcome to the website of Jefferson Elementary School... the home of Koala-Kindness! This is a place where you can find information about what is happening in our educational community, upcoming events, and how we can strengthen the essential bond between your homes and our school.

Jefferson Elementary School is located in the Succasunna section of suburban Roxbury Township. Our motto, Learning: A Shared Responsibility, is more than just words; it describes who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We believe that Jefferson Elementary School is a model of the educational strength that results from a happy marriage among the home, the school, and the community. With shared goals and determination, we can do anything!

Our Pre-K – 4 school is the educational home to approximately 350 children, 300 families, and 60 faculty and staff members. We are proud of our school and the culture of cooperation and Koala Kindness that we cherish and nourish.

Our Mission Statement just about says it all:

Joint effort among students, staff, parents, and community to
Encourage critical thinking, scientific exploration, artistic/musical creativity, emotional and physical well being by realizing the
Fullest potential of each unique individual by
Facilitating a developmentally appropriate curriculum which establishes a sound
Educational foundation for
Responsible and respectful citizens, who are
Self motivated, independent, lifelong learners
Occurring in a
Nurturing environment that

Strives for excellence with accountability and
Celebrates a "Community of Learners" which
Holds each individual as an
Ongoing contributor to society with
Our motto being:

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Karen Lunardoni


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