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NOTE: When there is a delayed opening, the doors of Jefferson School open at 10:50.
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Jefferson School
Next Week at a Glance for Families
Mrs. Karen Lunardoni, Principal
October 27 – 31, 2014

Veterans Day Assembly: We are accepting nomination forms for Guests of Honor at our Veterans Day Assembly through this Friday, October 31.  The school-wide event will take place on Tuesday, November 11, at 9:30 AM.  Please return completed forms to the attention of Karen Lunardoni by October 31. (Nomination form is included at the end of this newsletter.)

Halloween Parade: The annual Halloween Parade will take place at 10:15 AM on Friday, October 31.  Please note that in the interests of maintaining security only those parents who have been designated as room leaders are invited to enter the building to assist the teachers.  Our visiting spectators are invited to arrange themselves in a large circle along the perimeter of the playground; you may also choose to stand along the sidewalk in front of the school.  The children will make two passes along the parade route, so spectators will have two chances to take pictures!  Please note that we ask the children to not wear their costumes to school; they will have an opportunity to change in and out of them before and after the parade.  We also ask that children refrain from wearing costumes that depict any graphic violence, including simulated blood.  Masks that do not interfere with a child’s vision are permissible during the parade.  Since district policies prohibit the distribution of candy during school hours, we ask that you refrain from sending in any candy or food that is intended for sharing.

Conferences: The fall parent-teacher conferences have now taken place.   Please keep in mind that the fall and spring conferences are not intended to replace additional communication throughout the year.  If you have questions or concerns at any time, do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher.

Renaissance: At your conference your child’s teacher probably shared information from the Renaissance testing that took place in September.  Renaissance, as you may recall, is the name of a program that provides a wealth of data about individual student performance and possible interventions, and serve as one of various methods that are used to assess student progress. There are three “universal” administrations of the tests: September, January and June.  Additional administrations are optional.  In looking at your parent report you probably focused on the “scale score” and/or the “PR” for your child.  The scale score should continue to increase simply as a matter of a child learning over time; the “PR” – percentile rank – tells you how your child’s performance compares to children in the same grade on a national basis.   The “benchmark” – the minimum desired PR  - is 50; the higher the number (it can range from 1-99) the more favorably your child’s performance compares to his/her peers.   For grades 1-4 the January test will yield some additional and very valuable information: your child’s “SGP” – Student Growth Percentile - in math and in reading.  This number indicates how your child is progressing when compared to his/her “academic peers,” that is, students (on a national level) who tested at a similar level in September.  The minimal goal is 50, which would mean your child is progressing at the average rate of his/her academic peers.  An SGP of greater than 50 suggests that a child is progressing more rapidly than his/her academic peers; an SGP of less than 50 suggests that a child is progressing at a slower rate than his/her academic peers.  The lower a child’s PR, the higher we want to see the SGP, this figure basically being a measure of the rate of growth.  Too much information?  Rest assured that we will provide opportunities to help you interpret your child’s January report as we work together to see every child succeed to his/her potential. 

Have a great weekend!



Think about it…

Robert Fulgrum said, “Play fair.  Don’t hit people.  Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.”  What does this mean to you? (For classroom discussion)

 Happy Birthday to Gavin Barooah, Alabama Jacobus, Lauren Snoke, and Dana Schantz

 Young Consumer Lunches12:30 Mrs. Lunardoni has lunch with Austin, Jamie, and Katelyn from Mrs. Becker’s class



Happy Birthday to Ella Izzi, Laura Izzi

 Young Consumer Lunches
12:30 Mrs. Lunardoni has lunch  with Eric,Thomas, Jason, Zachary, Rory, and Sarah from Mrs. Eberding’s class



Happy Birthday to Ava Milsom and Emma Milsom

 Young Consumer Lunches
12:30 Mrs. Lunardon I has lunch with  Adelle, Ava, Danielle, Justin, Madison, Brady, and Dylan from Mrs. Meiser’s class


Happy Birthday to Chase Skellenger




Happy Birthday to Rehmy Perdomo, Alena Pfersch, Destiny Schantz, Leah Bauder, and Allan Galeas Aquilar

 Birthday Lunches  with the Principal

K: Alabama Jacobus, Rehmy Perdomo,  Derek Gatto
Grade 1: Chase Skellenger, Alena Pfersch, Allan Galeas Aquilar, Leonardo Piccone
Grade 2: Lauren Snoke
Grade 3: Gavin Barooah, Ella Izzi, Laura Izzi, Nicholas Pieper
Grade 4: Ava Milsom, Emma Milsom, Leah Bauder

 Halloween Parade at 10:15 AM    Hope to see you there!

Daylight savings time ends at 2:00AM this Sunday – we all gain an hour of sleep!


Jefferson School Veterans Day Assembly

Guest of Honor Nomination

Please complete the information below in order to submit the name of an individual to be a guest of honor at the assembly taking place on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. in the Jefferson School Gymnasium.  Please note the following: 

1.    The individual must have served or be currently serving in a branch of the United States Armed Forces.

2.    The individual must be available to attend the assembly.

3.    The individual must be related to a child or staff member who attends Jefferson School.

4.    If you do not receive confirmation by November 3 that your honored guest is included in the program, please call Karen Lunardoni at 973-584-8955 and/or send an email to

5.    Due to the advance planning involved in preparing for this event, any nominations received after the deadline of October 31 will be held for the 2015 assembly.

6.    Please note that our honored guests will be seated with their Jefferson student(s) at the front of the gym and will be facing the audience.  Our guests are not expected to address the audience, but simply honor us with their presence.

Name of Honoree                              

     ____________________________             __________________________
             Name of Student(s)                                   Name of Teacher(s)

Branch of Service (circle one): Army   Air Force   Navy   Marines   Coast Guard

Years of Active Service: From: ____________ To: __________________

E-mail at which to reach you: ___________________________________

Phone number at which to reach you: ____________________________

Please use the reverse side of this form to provide information about your honored guest for Mrs. Lunardoni to share with the audience.





Welcome from Principal Lunardoni

Welcome to the website of Jefferson Elementary School... the home of Koala-Kindness! This is a place where you can find information about what is happening in our educational community, upcoming events, and how we can strengthen the essential bond between your homes and our school.

Jefferson Elementary School is located in the Succasunna section of suburban Roxbury Township. Our motto, Learning: A Shared Responsibility, is more than just words; it describes who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We believe that Jefferson Elementary School is a model of the educational strength that results from a happy marriage among the home, the school, and the community. With shared goals and determination, we can do anything!

Our Pre-K – 4 school is the educational home to approximately 350 children, 300 families, and 60 faculty and staff members. We are proud of our school and the culture of cooperation and Koala Kindness that we cherish and nourish.

Our Mission Statement just about says it all:

Joint effort among students, staff, parents, and community to
Encourage critical thinking, scientific exploration, artistic/musical creativity, emotional and physical well being by realizing the
Fullest potential of each unique individual by
Facilitating a developmentally appropriate curriculum which establishes a sound
Educational foundation for
Responsible and respectful citizens, who are
Self motivated, independent, lifelong learners
Occurring in a
Nurturing environment that

Strives for excellence with accountability and
Celebrates a "Community of Learners" which
Holds each individual as an
Ongoing contributor to society with
Our motto being:

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