RCS Preschool Philosophy

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    Preschool is such a unique time for children and their families. Children are beginning to see themselves and their world in a whole new way. At the RCS Preschool, we believe that this time in a child's life is very precious, and we enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to be a part of it! Many things such as a sense of self, language development, independence, and other social-emotional skills need to be developed and cultivated in a positive, caring, and engaging learning environment.

    Beginning your child's early learning with this unmatched program will ensure their seamless transition into the district's elementary school setting.

    A balance of student and teacher-driven learning activities support our teaching strategies that inspire a Constructivist approach to learning. This research-based theory suggests that we create our own knowledge through active, hands-on lessons where we can explore, ask questions, and connect to what we already know. Learn more about this approach here.

    Our goals:

    • Develop strong social-emotional skills by modeling appropriate behavior
    • Offer real-life experiences that help children connect to their learning
    • Ensure a safe, exciting, fun, and content-rich learning environment
    • Provide each child with a foundation and readiness to learn for current and future school success
    • Cultivate a lifelong love of learning

    RCS Preschool is dedicated to providing a multitude of opportunities for your child to grow and maximize his/her potential. We meet your child where they are in their learning through differentiated instruction to focus on individual and diverse needs.

    We encourage...

    • Curiosity through inquiry
    • Conversation and self-expression through small and large group activities
    • Problem-solving and critical thinking through scaffolding questions during authentic learning opportunities
    • Exploration of the world around us through experimenting with materials and manipulatives
    • Purposeful play that facilitates learning
    • Ongoing opportunities to use language to share, cooperate and interact with their peers and teachers

    We provide opportunities for your children to...

    • Feel valued as an integral part of the classroom community
    • Progress at their own pace
    • Be challenged by thinking out of the box

RCS Preschool Curriculum

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    Our unique program, taught by NJ State certified teachers, utilizes a blended approach of the Creative Curriculum, with additional supplements specifically designed for early childhood to deliver developmentally appropriate instruction to ages 3 to 5 years old. It is distinctly grounded in the National Association for the Education of Young Children's 12 Principles of Child Development and Learning that inform Practice along with the renowned work of Piaget and Vygotsky and other current research-based best practices in early childhood education.

    These best practices are ultimately aligned with the NJ Department of Education Preschool Standards, which drive our program's learning goals.

    The primary goal of our curriculum is to foster a love of learning in a safe, welcoming environment through fun, active, engaging lessons with purposeful, developmentally appropriate teaching.

    The way a child approaches learning is a strong predictor of later success in school. Our job is to help prepare your child for future educational success. Here are some of the ways we will effectively support their learning in our program.

    • Engage children in individual, small, and whole-group learning
    • Utilize learning "centers" that provide a structured play approach to learning
    • Provide hands-on activities utilizing materials such as building blocks, dramatic play items (i.e., dress-up or puppets), math manipulatives, literacy materials, science discovery and social studies resources, art supplies, fine motor tools, and musical instruments
    • Offer learning opportunities that foster cultural diversity and tolerance through literature, games, and character education
    • Ensure a technology-infused setting with SmartBoard and computers
    • Foster physical wellness through daily indoor/outdoor unstructured play that focuses on building gross motor skills such as running, jumping, climbing, hopping, and skipping
    • Include parents as partners, increasing teacher effectiveness for each student
    • Cultivate social-emotional development through the use of role modeling, teacher modeling, and peer collaboration

    The academic concentration will focus on foundational skills essential for Kindergarten.

    The needs of your individual child will be met whether he or she needs to deepen or enrich his or her understanding of a concept, or if he or she needs additional support.