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Preparing the children of today for tomorrow...

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  • "Teachers need our active support and encouragement. They are doing one of the most necessary and exacting jobs in the land. They are developing our most precious national resource: our children, our future citizens."

    - Dwight D. Eisenhower


    Eisenhower Middle School

    Preparing the children of today for tomorrow...


    Dear Eisenhower Students, Parents and Families,

    Welcome to Eisenhower Middle School! EMS has a devoted and caring team that makes the growth and well-being of each student our top priority. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and empowering middle school education that lays a foundation for success at RHS, college, career and beyond.

    Middle school is an important and exciting chapter in a child’s life. It is a time when their quest for self-discovery and thirst for knowledge are reaching their peak. Our team also recognizes the challenges that middle schoolers face during this crucial stage of growth and development. Here at EMS we want make certain every student feels safe and welcome at school, receives a high quality education, and has access to a wide range of sports, clubs and extracurricular activities. 

    Parents and guardians, we encourage you to engage your child in conversations about the classes they are taking, the friends they are spending time with, and how they are feeling about school as a whole. Reach out to their teachers if you have any questions or concerns about their performance in school. Being persistent is just another way to show them how much you care! We also encourage you to visit the EMS homepage frequently for news, announcements and information regarding upcoming programs and events that may be of interest to you or your child. 

    We look forward to providing your child with a meaningful, challenging and unforgettable middle school experience here at Eisenhower Middle School!

    Kind regards,

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    Mr. Paul S. Gallagher     

    Principal, Eisenhower Middle School                                                                                                                                                                                

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