• Question: What do I do if my child is going to be out sick, has an appointment or will be on vacation? What if my child will be late to school?

    Answer: If your child is going to be absent from school or late to school, please call the nurse’s office to let us know. The number is 973-584-8957. You can access the number 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Homework requests can also be made after three days of absence.

    Question: My child needs to take medication while at school. How is this handled?

    Answer: Medication means any prescribed or over the counter medicine. This includes such medications as Tylenol, Motrin, or cough drops. The following guidelines must be followed when administration of medication in school is necessary:

    1. The Parent or guardian and private physician must provide a written request for the administration of the prescribed medication at school.
    • The physician's written order must include the following:
    • Diagnosis or type of illness involved
    • Name of Medication
    • Dosage
    • Time of administration
    • Time when it's use will be discontinued
    • Side effects
    2. Currently dated medication must be brought to the Health Office by the parent or guardian in the original labeled container. (Most pharmacies will provide you with an extra bottle properly labeled for school.)
    3. Medication no longer required must be promptly removed by the parent or guardian.
    The school nurse or parent/guardian are the only persons to administer medication in school. Students with asthma or other potentially life threatening illness will be allowed to self-administer medication when a nurse is not physically present at the scene. Permission for such administration must be on file in the office of the school nurse and must comply with the conditions for granting permission.

    Question: What happens if my child’s clothing gets wet or soiled at school?

    Answer: Accidents happen, and we try our best to be prepared for them by keeping some spare clothing on hand. Should your child arrive home wearing clothes from the nurse’s office, please be sure to return the laundered items as soon as possible.

    Question: What food are approved for distribution within the school?

    Answer: The list of approved food items is listed below. All have been cleared for meeting District nutritional standards and for being free of any trace of nuts or peanuts.Updated Food List 9-2015