Roxbury Public Schools

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District and Board of Education Goals 2016/2017

District Goals for 2016/2017
1.  Student Achievement/Professional Development
  • Enhance an active, inclusive, and multifaceted learning experience that maximizes each student's potential and empowers individual achievement.
2.  Facilities & Finance/Safety & Security
  • Create an economically viable, friendly atmosphere for students, staff and community members equipped to inspire all learners to achieve their potential.
3.  Culture & Climate/Community
  • To foster an inclusive and collaborative culture and climate with internal and external stakeholders.
4.  Roxbury Re-Imagined (New two-year goal)
  • To re-purpose 2,500 square feet of space in the district ("Roxbury Re-imaged") to enhance opportunities for students to connect education with preparation for the workforce.
Board of Education Goals for 2016/2017
1.  Training -- Fulfillment to become a NJSBA Certificated Board
  • Have NJSBA's Labor Relations Department conduct Negotiations training

2.  Board Communication -- Increase communication to the Board as a whole
3.  Fiscal -- Exercise finiancial oversight of district operations
  • Develop Financial Benchmarks
  • Identify budget parameters, maintain tax levy within the two percent (2%) cap provisions.