• Our Athletic Philosophy

    At Roxbury High School, we believe that a dynamic athletic program is vital to the educational development of our student-athletes. The athletic program is designed to provide opportunities for students to further develop their interests and talents. Participation in athletics, while a privilege and not a right, provides athletes with life lessons about sportsmanship, teamwork, and competitive drive. Our athletes are taught to win with humility and lose with grace. The ultimate goals of the athletic program are:

    1. To foster in young athletes the work ethic and perseverance that is required to achieve lofty goals. 
    2. To develop and improve positive citizenship traits among the program’s participants.

    The athletic program at Roxbury High School was founded over a century ago.  It has grown in size and acclaim since that time and is now a central part of the Roxbury tradition. The philosophy of our athletic department is that we compete to win; however, winning is not our primary objective. We have high academic expectations for our athletes and enforce eligibility requirements that exceed NJSIAA requirements. 

    While Roxbury High School takes great pride in celebrating the success of our student-athletes, the administration and coaches do not condone “winning at any cost” and discourage pressures that might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health. The athletic programs are conducted in a way that justifies it as a scholastic activity.

    Roxbury High School firmly believes that athletic team membership builds character —  teaches self-sacrifice, honesty, loyalty, hard work, dedication, reliability, and responsibility. Each of these attributes will stay with the students long after their athletic careers have ended.  The post-high school successes of so many former Roxbury athletes are testaments to the importance that athletic participation plays in helping young men and women to become champions for life.

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