Expectations for Students

  • One of the objectives of formal education is to teach citizenship and responsibility for one’s actions. This is of primary importance in today’s society. It has been the custom of Roxbury High School students to recognize the appropriate behavior for a given situation and to conduct themselves accordingly. It is expected that this custom will continue and that students will exhibit the courtesy that has brought many compliments to the student body and the school. The Board expects all pupils in this school district, commensurate with their age and ability, to:

    • prepare themselves mentally and physically for the process of learning;
    • respect the person, property, and intellectual and creative product of others;
    • take responsibility for their own behavior and learning;
    • use time wisely and share responsibilities when working with others;
    • meet the requirements of each course of study;
    • monitor their own progress towards school objectives;
    • communicate with parents/guardians and appropriate school staff members about school matters.
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