Safety & Maintenance

  • Each of our vehicles is subjected to a thorough New Jersey DMV inspection twice a year. These inspections are conducted on-site and are school-vehicle-specific.

    • Drivers must conduct a complete pre-trip inspection each time a vehicle is placed into service. This inspection, as mandated by New Jersey State Statue, is required before the morning runs, before the midday runs, and before the afternoon runs. Any vehicle that is found to be deficient during these pre-trip inspections is immediately placed out of service until such time as a mechanic can correct the deficiency.

    • All vehicles are routinely maintained during the school year according to a regular schedule as established by our district’s head mechanic.

    • The district’s mechanics do a thorough maintenance check of all vehicles during the summer months in preparation for the opening of school in September.

    • All drivers are made aware of those pupils who have been identified by school medical personnel as having a special medical need. Most drivers have received CPR training through the Roxbury Township Board of Education and all are trained in the administration of the epi-pen for allergic reactions.

    • All vehicles must be locked when not in use thereby requiring each driver to walk to the rear of the vehicle before leaving it unattended. This requirement also serves as a method whereby each vehicle is checked for pupils who may have remained on-board.

    • Each of our 54-passenger school buses is Type C and Type D (Transit Style).  

    • All vehicles go through an inspection twice a year through the State of NJ - Motor Vehicle Division.  Our inspections are done in September and March of every year.

    • Each vehicle is equipped with a two-way radio in case of emergency. If a vehicle breaks down, a new bus is supplied within a short period of time.

    • Because each vehicle completes several runs each day and whereas there is no area within the districts transportation department to accommodate lost items, all lost and found is maintained on the individual bus where the item was found.
    Attached please see the the two forms that are used during our daily safety inspection and quarterly reports for the State of New Jersey: