• Individuals interested in being approved as a substitute for Roxbury Public Schools should complete an application online.  From the District home page, please click Employment Opportunities > Substitutes.  Then apply for the position you are interested in.  You will receive additional information via email after successfully submitting your application.

    Substitute Resources and Links

    ROXBURY SUBSTITUTE HANDBOOK provides information regarding safety and security measures, substitute responsibilities district wide as well as at the individual schools, and maps and times the schools start. Each substitute should read and be aware of district policies prior to accepting assignments. The handbook can be printed or saved on your computer.
    * Password Protected Document 
    (Roxbury Substitutes can contact lklein@roxbury.org for password)

    DO NOT SHARE this handbook, as there is safety and security information located therein.
    Read NJ Division of Pensions & Benefits Employment after Retirement Restrictions page for important information:
    Effective July 1, 2014, all State employees including substitutes are required to have Direct Deposit.
    Frontline's Absence Management is an automated substitute placement service for scheduling and filling absences. For your convenience, we have provided a link to the site and guides for using the system. The guides can be printed or saved on your computer.
    GLOBAL COMPLIANCE NETWORK (GCN) provides mandatory trainings online for all Roxbury professional, support, and substitute staff that are required by law. Substitutes will have 60 days from the time of appointment/reappointment to complete these mandatory trainings. If the trainings have not been completed by that 60 day grace period, your account will be inactivated until complete. For your convenience, we have provided a link to the site and set-up instructions for using the system.

    The “New Jersey First Act,” , N.J.S.A. 52:14-7 (L. 2011, Chapter 70)  effective September 1, 2011, contains new residency requirements for public officers and employees, unless exempted under the law. Current, new or prospective employees should be aware of the following:

    Effective September  1, 2011, all employees of State and local government must reside in the State of New Jersey, unless exempted under the law.  If you already work for State or local government as of September  1,  2011, and you do not live in New Jersey, you are not required to move to New Jersey.  However, if you begin your office, position or employment on September  1,  2011 or later, you must reside in New Jersey.  If you do not reside in New Jersey, you have one year after the date you take your office, position or employment to relocate your residence to New Jersey.  If you do not do so, you are subject to removal from your office, position or employment.