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    Your child will experience the following balanced literacy components daily:  

    Read Aloud: The teacher will model the culmination of good reading behaviors using mentor or core texts. It is an interactive reading experience where critical literary discussions take place. 

    Reading Workshop:

    Mini Lesson: Direct Instruction

    Reading/Conferring: Students read at their independent level while the teacher confers one on one or with small groups. Share: Students reflect, connect, and share regarding their reading experience, internalizing strategies.

    Small Group Instruction: Guided Reading will begin mid October.  Guided reading is a small group setting where students learn how to process a variety of increasingly challenging texts with understanding and fluency at their instructional level.  The upper elementary classrooms will transition to literature circles and book clubs mid-year.  

    Writing Workshop: This portion of the day has the same structure as reading workshop, only the student objectives and work focus on the craft of writing.  The objectives balance grammar and conventions, the 6 traits, the writing process, and on demand writing prompts.

    Word Study: Word study is the integration of phonicsspelling, and vocabulary instruction. Word study teaches students how to look closely at words to discover the regularities and conventions of English orthography, or spelling, meaning of words, and how they work. Students experience the words by interacting authentically with hands on manipulation of their components through patterns, meaning, and context clues.