• r Roxbury School District’s Mathematics Foundation:r

    Mathematics Mission Statement:

    To foster the development of problem solvers who display mastery of conceptual understanding and strategically utilize math practices, so as to fulfill their ability to apply their skills and knowledge to solve real world problems.


    Roxbury School District’s Mathematics Philosophy:

    Discovering and Uncovering Mathematics:

    Students learn mathematics through concrete manipulatives and real world contexts.

    Students learn to think mathematically by demonstrating the math practices into their work.

    Teachers support mathematics development with concrete manipulatives,

    guided visual models, and independent experiences.

    Teachers support mathematics development with modeled,

    guided, and real world problems given in context.


       Roxbury School District's      

     Commitment to Mathematics Instruction:


    Roxbury follows a concrete, pictorial, abstract philosophy

    to teach the Mathematics curriculum and meet the NJSLS,
    by implementing a problem solving structure that values the
    application and transference of skills.