Roxbury High School: Home of the Gaels

  • State Report Card Narrative for 2016-2017

    Established in 1903, Roxbury High School is a four-year comprehensive high school that places emphasis on the academic, personal, social, and physical growth of our students.  Our teachers and administrators strive to provide meaningful student learning in the cognitive and the affective domain and to foster the pursuit of excellence by students in all they do.  Our strength lies in the diversity of our curriculum and co-curricular programs, which are reflective of the community, and in the dedicated professional staff that facilitates the educational process. 

    Photo of Roxbury High School

    A “Top 100 High School in New Jersey,” Roxbury High introduced a new academic schedule in 2012, an alternate day extended period schedule.  Unique features of the schedule include a variable instructional period (VIP) for students and scheduled Professional Learning Community (PLC) time for the faculty.  We have implemented a one-to-one technology program where all students have been outfitted with Google Chromebooks that, along with school-wide wireless connectivity, propels the use of technology to the forefront in the learning process.


    Roxbury High School maintains a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the needs of each student, providing a broad array of college preparatory courses, career subjects, and electives.  Among our offerings are 22 honors courses in English, World Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Accounting, and Music, as well as 18 Advanced Placement courses.  We offer two World Languages and a broad elective program in the Industrial and Visual Arts, Business, and Family and Consumer Science areas.  The performing arts programs in vocal and instrumental music and dance are exemplary, perhaps the best in the state.  Electives in the physical education/health curriculum allow students to choose High Performance or Wellness courses of study.  Recently, the Roxbury District was named an Inter-District School of Choice for the Fine and Performing Arts.  Thus, beginning in 2014, we opened the doors to our nationally recognized programs in the fine and performing arts to students from other districts.


    The process for reviewing our curriculum and for developing new programs is attentive to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and to the needs of the school and community.  Within each discipline, there are numerous support structures designed to assist students with academic needs.  Additionally, innovative programs such as “In-Program Resource” and “Academic Centers” address the educational needs of at-risk populations.


    The Special Education Department provides an excellent program for students in the least restrictive environment.  A student empowerment program successfully teaches these high school students to advocate for themselves, and a transition coordinator assists them as they move to post graduation opportunities.  Our service learning program is an innovative and integral part of the transition process.  We are proud of the efforts of our Guidance Department to help students forge a Four-Year Plan for Career and College/Post-Secondary Education.  Innovative opportunities for pupil study outside of the high school curriculum include Senior Option, College Option, and Independent Study.  School-designed character education programs such as "Peer to Peer" and “Freshman Seminar” as well as the many student service organizations promote positive growth for students in the affective domain.


    Striving for high standards of excellence, all of our 11th and 12th graders attained the state levels of proficiency required for graduation.  In 2015, 260 students participated in the S.A.T., earning a mean combined score of 1566.  103 of the students in the same year took the ACT with a combined mean score of 24.4.  Last year, 89% of our students earned a grade of 3 or better on their Advanced Placement exams.  Additionally, 90% of our students continue their formal education after graduation.  


    Our co-curricular program is broad and dynamic.  Over 75% of the student body is involved in clubs, sports, or organizations.  With more than 30 clubs and 60 athletic teams, students have the chance to grow and learn in a variety of academic, service, social, and athletic activities.  Opportunities in the performing arts include a unique dance program, excellent drama productions, and nationally recognized vocal and instrumental music groups.  The student newspaper, Roxbury Review, and yearbook “ECHO” have received numerous awards for their excellence.  Students from many activities represent Roxbury at local, state, and national competitions.  Importantly, our students continue to improve the school and their community through their spirit and their involvement in various service and humanitarian endeavors.