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Roxbury HS Rox-THON Holds Silent Auction

•	Roxbury BOE sports Rox-THON shirts at March 4th board meeting

Roxbury HS Rox-THON Holds Silent Auction

ROXBURY, NJ (March 6, 2024) - The Roxbury High School Rox-THON students are piloting a new fundraising initiative offering the community to bid on a variety of items in a Silent Auction. 

Mike Gottfried, the advisor of the RHS club heard of the idea through a parent of one of his students. “It was a no-brainer,” Gottfried said. “Our leaders already solicit for donations so I knew I could put them on this and they would run with it.”

Yuriy Hrytsay, Director of Hospitality, took the lead and began to catalog items already donated. Hrytsay and his committee began to brainstorm ideas and went to the administration and the community for help.

“We knew that people would bid on a Starbucks gift basket, but we needed more,” Hrystay shared. But the committee needed to take it to the next level, so they began to use their resources.

Tyler Benedetto, vice president of the club reached out to the Roxbury Police for assistance. “The police have been very supportive of the students and we thought we could count on them again.”

“Having a police officer drive you and two friends to school and having them escort you to first period will be really cool,” said Hrytsay.

Some of the options to bid on are Parking like a Principal where a student can park in Mr. Miller’s, the high school principal’s parking spot for a week, a signed photo of Daniel Jones the Giant’s Quarterback, and New York Red Bulls and Paper Mill Playhouse tickets.

“We’re excited to open this to the students and community of Roxbury and we’re really hoping for another avenue to add more donations to our cause of raising money for Pediatric Cancer,” said Kylie Haughey, President of Rox-THON.

Rox-THON has been raising money for Pediatric Cancer since 2014 and has currently raised over $480,000. The majority of the monies are donated to Goryeb Children’s Hospital, a part of Morristown Medical Center.

“We’re hoping to hit an overall fundraising record this year pushing our fundraising efforts to half a million dollars,” said Margery Richman, co-advisor of Rox-THON. 

Bidding went live on Wednesday, March 7th and will stay open until Sunday, March 10th at 8:00pm.

The link can be accessed by clicking on this link.  If you would like to bid on an item, please click "Google Form Bid" and enter your name, email, phone number, and bid. You will NOT receive an automatic notification if someone outbids you, so please keep checking the "Bid History" spreadsheet, especially if you would like to enter a new bid.

Winners with the highest bid will be notified via email with instructions on how to claim your prize. Items can be picked up at Roxbury High School starting the week of March 18th.

Anyone who would like to make a general donation towards the cause can click this link.

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury Schools)