• The IPASS initiative at Lincoln Roosevelt developed from feedback from the school community. 

    During the 2018-2019 school year, collectively, Lincoln Roosevelt staff developed an extensive list of core values.  The information gathered from the staff’s responses was used to compile a list of 50 words that were printed on a large poster and placed in a classroom for the staff to select their top five word descriptors. This list was then narrowed down to ten primary values.  Next, the students and parents were surveyed and then voted on the core values that were most important to them.  Based on survey results, it was determined that our core values would be Inspiration, Positivity, Acceptance, Safety, and Support, which became known as IPASS. 

    Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, Lincoln-Roosevelt School grounded its culture in the five core values of the IPASS initiative, which reinforce the ideals that are worked towards each day. These core values are important reminders of the emphasis Lincoln Roosevelt places on creating a positive culture within the school community. The importance of these values is also shared with parents and our staff throughout the year. 

    The IPASS values of Lincoln Roosevelt drive all aspects of the school culture and are referenced throughout the building. The school has found that these values have given the structure and direction needed to meet the many challenges the school has had to navigate. Though these values create a foundation for our school, they are shared, and the school asks for feedback on the values every year from all members of our school community.