Annual Mandated Screenings

  • Vision and hearing screening are done annually on all students. 

    Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse are also done annually on all students.

    I begin screening the third and fourth grade classes because students in 3rd/4th grade frequently undergo changes in vision/hearing that may need to be addressed.  Next, I screen the second grade and work backwards. This gives the younger students a bit more time in the year to mature. 

    If your child's screening is abnormal, I will send home a referral letter explaining that a discrepancy was found in your child's screening and requesting that you take your child for further physician evaluation.

    If you have a concern related to your child's screenings, please contact me immediately at (973) 398-1416.  I will either review your child's screening results with you &/or screen your child immediately to determine if referral is necessary.