• Referrals are made through the following sources:

    • Self-Referral
    • Another student (this information is kept confidential)
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Teacher
    • School Counselor
    • Child Study Team Member
    • School Administrator
    • Nurse
    • Mandatory Referrals to the SAC

    A violation of the Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy
    A violation of the Anti-Bullying Rights Act

    How to Make a Referral to the SAC

    • Students are always welcome to come and talk. I encourage any student, parent, etc. to use the form to make a request or referral to see me.  
    • Referral Form   


    All counseling services are kept confidential. The students are highly encouraged to communicate with their parents/guardians if they are seeking assistance from the SAC. Confidentiality does not apply if the student is a safety risk, meaning they have intent of harming themselves or someone else or are being harmed by another individual. Parents/guardians are also notified if there is a violation of the Drug, Alcohol, or Tobacco Policy or the Anti-Bullying Rights Act.