Fall 2022 Book Club

Addie LaRue
  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

    Book Club Questions

    • Let’s talk about Addie at the start of the novel. What are some of the key ways that she was ahead of her time?
    • Why do you think Addie made this deal with Luc? If you could have the potential to live forever, would you take it?
    • The cruel twist is that going forward, no one will remember Addie, except for Luc. What did you think about how Addie’s initial experiences with this curse? How was she able to survive?
    • Did you like Addie? Was she a good protagonist to follow?
    • So let’s discuss Luc in more detail. Was he a devil, an angel, a god? Did you want to know more about him?
    • While she goes through the absolute worst, Addie never gives in and lets Luc have her soul. What do you think kept Addie going throughout all the years?
    • Addie and Luc have an interesting dynamic. When did Addie stop hating him? Did they both ever truly care for each other, or was it a matter of convenience/power?
    • By the time, we get to Addie in New York in 2014, she’s adjusted to her life—she gets by through stealing and knows that all relationships are temporary. Until, she meets Henry. Let’s talk about the scene when Henry remembers her.
    • Were you surprised when Henry revealed he made the deal with Luc too or did you figure it out earlier?
    • While Addie wants a life of adventure, Henry desires love. But his is also a curse because everyone is under a spell and not actually seeing Henry for who he is. Which “curse” do you think is better or worse?
    • Do you think Henry and Addie were truly in love? Or were they bonded by their circumstances?
    • Henry has only a year to live. But Addie makes a deal with Luc to keep Henry alive. Let’s discuss this turn of events.
    • What did you think about the ending? What will happen between Addie and Luc? Will she ever break free?