Online Databases

  • Internal Databases

    Destiny Discover

    RHS Catalog of our entire collection including physical and electronic resources

    Roxbury Readers

    A listing of recommended books that can be found in the RHS Library

    Roxbury Research

    A comprehensive guide to the research process developed by the Roxbury Media Specialists.

    Research Databases 


    Research platform which integrates all of Roxbury's existing online databases. Start your research process here for one-stop searching. 


    Research databases, e-journals, magazines, ebooks, and over 4 million full-text articles. Ebsco databases include:

    • Points of View Reference Center: Pro / Con issues presenting multiples sides of an issue
    • History Reference Center: US and World history topics including thousands of primary sources
    • Literary Reference Center: Critical essays, book reviews, literary journals, and full-text classic novels
    • World Book Encyclopedia: Full encyclopedic reference tool
    • Explora Elementary and Secondary Research: Lower level research
    • Image Search: To search for images
    • Referencia Latina: Research help in Spanish
    • NoveList: Book reviews


    Full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and images.  Proquest databases include:

    • Proquest News: Thousands of articles from scholarly journals and newspapers
    • SIRS Issues Researcher: Pro / Con research and controversial issues research

    Newsbank:  Access World News

    A comprehensive collection of reliable news sources, including newspapers, journals, and magazines, covering a wide array of topics and issues.

    • Mutiple source types such as audio, video, blog, transcript, and web-only sources
    • Full color image edition newspapers, daily headlines, special reports, and hot topics
    • Multiple language sources

    Facts on File / Infobase

    Subject-specific databases cover a wide range of topics. Includes articles, timelines, primary sources, and graphics. Databases include: 

    • African-American History: History and culture of the African-American experience
    • American History: Spanning pre-history to current day 
    • American Indian History: Spanning 15,000 years of culture and history and over 600 Native American groups
    • Modern World History: Comprehensive look at history from the mid-15th century to present
    • Issues and Controversies in History: Research on controversial topics in history
    • Health Reference Center
    • Literature Online: Literary criticisms, videos of classic plays, full-text classic novels, essential writing help
    • Career Guidance: Reference database to assess career goals, interests, and educational paths
    • Classroom Video on Demand: Curriculum focused video collection


    A digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources 

    APA PsychNet

    A behavioral and social sciences database which integrates The Thesaurus of Psychological Terms

    Salem Press

    Online reference books which include:

    • Literature: The Classics, Insights, and Analysis
    • The Decades: The 1920's, 30's, 40's, and 2000's in America
    • American History:  Great Lives, Defining Moments, The Law and Supreme Court Decisions
    • Forensic Science: Theory, techniques, and applications of various forensic sciences
    • Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing
    • Health: Additions, Health & Wellness, Infectious Diseases 

    Gale Literature

    eBooks on subjects such as the arts, history, science, and literature


    Simon Teen eBooks

    Simon and Schuster publishing offers free and current eBooks on a monthly basis.  You must create an account to access free books.