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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Brianna Arcieri

Work Experience/Philosophy: 

I would like to take this opportunity to kindly introduce myself. My name is Ms. Arcieri and I am honored to be of the Nixon Elementary School Husky family. I am happy to be a helpful resource and be a part of such a wonderful school and community. I am committed to encouraging, supporting, and empowering students to become their best selves. I recently received my Master of Arts in School Counseling and E.d.S Professional Counseling at Seton Hall University. I have also received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Seton Hall University. My personal and professional experiences have helped shape the school counselor I am today. My clinical experiences include fieldwork in both academic and mental health facilities, where I have gathered various skills. I have worked with students and families where I have gained invaluable experience working with a diverse population of all different ages. My background in mental health counseling has allowed me to connect with various individuals facing mental health challenges. However, it has also allowed me to help students connect with helpful resources within their community. But most importantly, it has allowed me to make a positive difference in many lives.My academic and clinical experiences have developed my undeniable passion for school counseling. As a school counselor, I aim to work closely with students, staff, and parents by helping students gather the tools needed to achieve their goals. I am motivated to work with students to develop academic,social/emotional goals and support students along their journey. 

Who Am I: 

Outside of the academic environment, I enjoy baking, crafting and spending time with loved ones. As an avid baker and passionate school counselor, I have found various similarities between the two. I have found that each recipe requires various ingredients that all come together to create something magnificent. In this case, my goal is to help students gather all the ingredients and skills they need for a successful recipe we call like life. As you can see, counselors provide a foundation for every school community and work as a strong advocate for not only each student but also for their entire support staff as a whole. A spark in me lights up every day knowing that I have chosen a field I adore and enjoy. But more importantly, because I am equipped with the skills necessary to support and help shape the lives of young individuals. My dedication and communication skills highlight my ability to be both a team player and a leader. Every step I take forward will be with my greatest intention of making a difference within this community. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you all and getting to know each of you.

The door is always open, please stop by and say hello. Always remember...NIXON SCHOOL RULES!