• Web Page Design | HTML & Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Web Page Design I 

    Websites are used by businesses, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, and many other professionals. This course is an interactive and hands-on introduction to Web page design. You will learn how to create a website from anywhere using HTML code as well as using the most up to date software programs and techniques. This course allows you  to create dynamic Web layouts with text, images, and videos. You will explore your creativity while creating websites based on your interests. 
  • Web Page Design II 
    Prerequisite: Web Page Design I

    Digital communication skills are essential elements in Web design. This project based course will further explore your Web design capabilities. You will analyze concepts such as: color theory, typography, and Web layout theories along with their relationship to consumer perception. This course allows you to expand your creativity and design skills by producing Web and mobile sites in a variety of projects.


  • Dreamweaver CS6