Math in Focus in Roxbury

  • Math in Focus We are very excited to announce our implementation of “Math in Focus” for grades K-5 in Roxbury!  Our children will have the opportunity to learn the content and problem solving strategies that will give them the knowledge and confidence to solve complex mathematical problems.  The pedagogy behind the Math in Focus Program is base on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach to gaining mastery.  There is also a strong alignment to the Common Core State Standards(CCSS); especially the Math Practices of the CCSS.

    “Math in Focus” has taken the mathematics curriculum from Singapore and revised it to be used here in the United States.  Singapore not only is one of the top scoring nations in mathematics, but has boasted the most rapid gains in this area as well.

    The team of administrators, teachers, and supervisors evaluated a variety of possible programs to replace the current math program and selected “Math in Focus” due to its close alignment to the new Common Core State Standards, solid track record for success, and its ability to meet the needs for all learners. 

    The district is committed to implementing the program successfully by offering professional development to the teachers and the ongoing Parent University Sessions for parents and guardians interested in experiencing this approach to mathematical learning first hand.