• Math in Focus - Research Base

    Topics covered:
    Introduction and Overview 
    A Brief History of Math in Focus™: The Singapore Approach 
    Why Singapore Math? 
    How Does This Program Connect to What Has Been Done Nationally?
    Strand 1: The Singapore Model 
    The Pentagon Framework 
    Critical Thinking Through Mathematics 
    Differentiated Instruction 
    The Three Clusters: Learning, Consolidating, and Applying Concepts 
    Strand 2: Visualization/Representation
    Moving from Concrete, to Pictorial, to Abstract Representation 
    Teaching Model Drawing 
    Using Multi Models 
    Strand 3: Conceptual Understanding 
    Moving from Concrete, to Pictorial, to Abstract Understanding 
    Teaching Concepts and Skills/Building Mathematical 
    Using Routine and Non-Routine Problems 
    Teaching Procedural Fluency: The Role of Language 
    Using Ongoing Assessment 
    Strand 4: Problem Solving 
    Teaching Deep Processing of Information, Reasoning, and Thinking 
    Teaching Metacognition 
    Fostering Student Motivation/Improving Student Attitudes 
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