•   A total of 140 credits must be earned for a student to graduate from Roxbury High School.   State and local policy dictates that some of these credits are earned in prescribed courses.  It is possible to fail a course and catch up the following year or years by taking a full schedule of courses and/or summer school.  For a student to be eligible for graduation from Roxbury High School, they must also pass a state endorsed assessment (High School Graduation Assessment Requirements).

    Prescribed Course Requirements Are:

         4 years of English = 20 credits

         2 years of United States History = 10 credits

         1 year of World History = 5 credits 

         3 years of Math (Algebra, Geometry, and a math that builds on the concepts and skills from Algebra and Geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers) = 15 credits

         3 years of Science (must include Biology) = 15-18 credits

                      1 year of Visual or Performing Arts = 5 credits

                      1 year of Practical Arts = 5 credits

                      1 year of World Language = 5 credits

                      4 years of Physical Education/Health/Driver Theory = 20 credits

        .5 years Financial Literacy = 2.5 credits

    Students must take a minimum of seven subjects (35 credits) a year, but are encouraged to take eight subjects (40 credits) each year.