• Virtually everyone in our culture spends the major portion of his or her life preparing for a career. Choosing one’s field of work is one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. It is as important for students who plan on going to college as it is for those who plan on going directly into the workforce after high school. Both time and money can be saved by choosing a college and/or a college career pathway that leads to a satisfying field of work.

    Below you will find sample career sequences that align to the coursework offered at Roxbury High School.  Within each career sequence, there is a thread of common interests and abilities.  When students identify a sequence, they are better able to make links between their interests, abilities, career goals, and the courses they take. The most important components of any sequence will be the core academic courses.  This “road map” does not guarantee an acceptance at a college, but it will help determine the best career fit for you.