• ** Freshman Seminar

    As first-year students, Roxbury High School freshmen have a lot to learn and adjust to as they begin to make themselves more at home as part of the school and its culture.  In this Freshman Seminar course, students will be introduced to a range of useful information, skills, and opportunities that will make that transition more practical and less complicated. 

    Students will be exposed to school expectations, including the aspects of the school culture that may not be written about in student handbooks which they will need to know in order to integrate themselves into the life of the school.  This will be encouraged and facilitated by volunteer upperclassmen students who support incoming Freshmen through the RHS Peer to Peer program. Freshmen students will also be offered basic time- and task-management strategies that will aid them in meeting their academic and extracurricular expectations and commitments.  They will also have chances to meet and get to know school administrators, support staff, and, in a particular way, their assigned school counselors. Finally, students will work on developing positive character traits and virtues through lessons focused on social and emotional learning; team-building exercises; personal reflection aimed at growth in healthy choices, self-awareness, and self-esteem; healthy relationships; philanthropy; and more.

    By participating in Freshman Seminar, students will have the opportunity to grow as individuals academically, socially, and personally with the support and guidance of dedicated teachers and staff members and to become valuable contributing members of both the high school and the wider community.