• The Independent Study is an inquiry-driven, learning experience that a student pursues under the supervision of a certificated staff member or otherwise professionally qualified individual in a topic of interest that is substantially different than and/or not offered in the program of studies in the district or through a college option. The Independent Study, therefore, differs from the Senior Option because an Independent Study is a course or course equivalent that requires a grade given by the advisor that is considered equivalent to other graded courses offered in the district. In other words, these differing requirements make an Independent Study both grade and credit-bearing in contrast to the Senior Option, which is credit but not grade bearing.  

    The Independent Study Program is open to any student in grades nine through twelve. Students interested in pursuing an Independent study: 

    • Must complete the Independent Study packet found on the High School website 

    • Must demonstrate sufficient academic planning to complete the Independent Study in the eyes of the Independent Study Committee 

    • Are on pace to graduate, and participation in the Independent Study will not interfere with success in other academic subjects

    • Is on pace to graduate and has not failed any subjects the year prior to applying for an Independent Study

    • Are interested in pursuing a program of study, an internship, or an educational experience that extends beyond the school offered curriculum

    • Must understand that it is an unpaid, volunteer, initiative