Portrait of a Graduate

  • Throughout the 2018/19 school year, Roxbury Township Public Schools worked as a community to formalize its beliefs on the ways in which they fulfill their vision of “preparing the children of today for tomorrow” with a special focus on its Gael graduates.

    After multiple meetings where the administration garnered the input of community members, Board of Education members, administrators, teachers, and students, they narrowed the focus to six themes that collectively frame the skills and attributes necessary for life beyond Roxbury schools and capture the essence of their Portrait of a Graduate. These include Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Active Citizens, Curious Thinkers, Adaptable & Resilient, and Life Ready.





    Become part of Roxbury history and pave the way for future students!

    You can inscribe a permanent paver, or several pavers, on the walkway to and around the Grey Building Bell at Lincoln/Roosevelt School for a one-time gift of $25 per paver. Donations to Pave Your Legacy will fund this project and an archway for our graduates to walk through at Roxbury High School.

    One inscribed paver requires a donation of $25 to the campaign, which is open to individuals, families, businesses, and the community and will serve as a true and permanent reminder of your support.

    Pavers are 6x9 inches in size and can be inscribed with up to four lines of up to 16 characters per line, including spaces. Some ideas for inscriptions include:

    • Your family’s name
    • Your name and graduation year
    • A favorite teacher or class
    • A team, activity, or club that impacted your life
    • The name of your business
    • In honor of a friend or family member
    • In memory of a special person or pet
    • A school organization special to you: booster club, PTA, band

    Order your paver online via credit card, or download the form (PDF) and return it by mail or email to goodnews@roxbury.org.

    Please complete one form per paver. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the paver to be engraved and installed. You will receive two emails. One when your paver order has been placed and a second when the paver is installed at the Grey Building Bell.

    Make sure your legacy is a part of our history!

    * All inscriptions will be reviewed and approved.


  • The Roxbury School District in pursuit of fulfilling our Mission and Vision while providing students opportunities to grow in their understanding of our Portrait of a Graduate has worked to establish multiple Career Pathways to serve as exploratory opportunities prior to embarking on adult life as well as focused Academies with specific professional affiliations. These opportunities may serve to validate a student's feelings of desire to pursue a particular profession or may dissuade them from doing so, either way, there is great value in learning this information prior to leaving the high school experience. It is our hope that by offering students opportunities to learn about the future that lies ahead of them, they can make the most informed decision about their future as it pertains to where their individual road leads after graduation. 



    Build work done in the AP Seminar to deeply explore an academic topic, problem, or issue of individual interest. Through this exploration, students design, plan and conduct a year-long research-based investigation to address a research question. Allows students to complete the AP Capstone program, and is the final hurdle for the AP Diploma. 

    The district also offers a multitude of AP Classes. 



    In partnership with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Roxbury High School offers students the opportunity to begin on a career pathway in their Freshman year that will afford them the opportunity to pursue their Private Pilot Knowledge or Part 107 Remote Pilot Test. 



    Morris County Vocational School   Sports Medicine Academy 

    The Academy for Sports Medicine provides students with a solid foundation in the growing fields of exercise science, fitness studies, physical therapy, athletic training, and injury prevention and treatment.



    In the Fall of 2019, Roxbury High School officially opened its Structural Design and Fabrication Lab. The lab hosts a class by the same name which provides students opportunities to implement skills previously learned in Engineering, Design, and Technology classes to build a house, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, students who complete the course are eligible to reduce their apprenticeship with the Carpenter's Apprenticeship Union if they choose to embark on a career with them. 



    Dual Credit Offerings 


    Since 1978, Project Acceleration, a concurrent enrollment program within the College of Arts and Sciences at Seton Hall University, has allowed high school students in New Jersey and New York to get a head start on their university careers. Over the course of their high school career, students can earn credits from Seton Hall University through approved courses taken in their secondary schools. Roxbury offers numerous courses in the sciences and business through Project Acceleration. 


    Expository Writing is the required writing course for all students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. The course is designed to prepare students for the writing they will do at the university and in their professional lives. This course teaches academic college-level professional writing to give students a leg up on other incoming college students.  The course is offered in the English Department and receives credit at numerous colleges across the United States. 



    Coming Soon 


     The district is working on developing dual credit offerings from Fairleigh Dickenson University in the culinary arts and humanities. 





    The district is working on developing a dual credit offering using the Teacher Cadet Program. 





    Virtually everyone in our culture spends the major portion of his or her life preparing for a career. Choosing one’s field of work is one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. It is as important for students who plan on going to college as it is for those who plan on going directly into the workforce after high school. Both time and money can be saved by choosing a college and/or a college career pathway that leads to a satisfying field of work.

    Below you will find sample career sequences that align with the coursework offered at Roxbury High School.  Within each career sequence, there is a thread of common interests and abilities.  When students identify a sequence, they are better able to make links between their interests, abilities, career goals, and the courses they take. The most important components of any sequence will be the core academic courses.  This “road map” does not guarantee acceptance at a college, but it will help determine the best career fit for you.

    •  Art & Design 
    • Concert & Stage Sequence
    • Communications
    • Computer Programming
    • Engineering 
    • Future Educators 
    • Law & Public Safety 

    Coming Soon 

    • Sports in Society 
    • Business




    The Roxbury Township School District in Morris County, New Jersey is proud to be part of the Interdistrict School Choice Program for the Fine & Performing Arts, with educational opportunities for middle and high school students in Grades 7 through 12.

    The Performing Arts are a vital part of a complete education. Students studying music, dance, and theater become creative decision-makers and learn powerful ways to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

    The Roxbury School District has a thriving Performing Arts Department in which students participate for multiple years in General Music, Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, Dance Classes, and Music Theory Courses through to the Honors and AP Levels.

    All visual arts courses are designed for the students to explore art through the theory and practice of art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. Students are eligible to apply for an array of programs in our extensive visual art program with a four-year college prep track including AP Art & Design and numerous electives that include both digital and traditional fine and commercial arts.

    All visual arts classes help to shape students into critical thinkers and effective communicators which inherently become applied in all aspects of life. Through creating, responding, connecting, and presenting, students develop social-emotional learning skills to demonstrate Self Awareness, Self Management, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship Skills, and Social Awareness.


  • Educational Pavilion 



     Pavilion Picture



    The district has worked to develop an outdoor space for our learning community to hold large-scale events, targeted learning days, host in-district field trips, and provide opportunities to build lessons rooted in the curriculum in an outdoor setting. 



    Library Media Design 

    Library Media Design Picture 2


    LMD Picture 1


    The district has worked to incorporate an elementary-friendly version of Stanford's Design Thinking into the curriculum starting in Kindergarten. The new program is the first of its kind in the state and is ahead of the curve as the state implements Design Thinking into the standards. 



    New Website Design 

    In the summer of 2021, the Roxbury School District was tasked with updating its website and mobile app. The new design was adopted to update the district's web presence, promote new programs, and increase digital contact with the community. A new mobile app was also developed to help parents better navigate the district's virtual presence. 


    New Mobile App 

    Please download the new mobile app. to better navigate the district virtually and stay up to date on school programs. 



    Dr. Radulic will be sending out a quarterly updates newsletter on the district to better keep the public informed of how the district is working to fulfill its mission and vision. 




    The Portrait Indicator will be a powerful communication tool for our learning community. This monthly newsletter, authored by the district administrators, will connect to various district initiatives through a series of articles that are connected to current research and educational best practices. We hope that you find these articles informative and enjoyable.


    The Gael Special is a new periodic newsletter targeting our special services population to keep parents better informed of news happening within special services. 






    For the past four years, the Roxbury School District has made a concerted effort to ensure that students are afforded a learning experience that includes a robust Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) component.  This work began at the elementary level with a homegrown curriculum developed by school counselors and built upon by classroom teachers focusing on themes, resources, and activities with a student-centered approach that are regularly embedded in the classroom. The middle level (grades 5-8) enhanced their inclusion of SEL through the adoption of the Responsive Classroom and the use of community building Advisory meetings. The high school continues to focus on a more individualized approach through counseling support services, Freshman Seminar, and scheduled programming. With the emergence of SEL as a critical element to a successful learning experience as described by a growing body of research including the framework promoted by CASEL, all three levels of programs continue to be enhanced and revisited to support the district's Portrait of a Graduate, inclusive practices, and to foster a high value on student's inter-and intrapersonal connections all to foster a readiness to learn.


Special Services



    Jammin Jenn Music Therapy works with all Tides and LLD-Severe classes weekly where they capture the power of music to foster communication, improve interpersonal skills and develop language skills.


    The district has partnered with the local YMCA to provide students in the Tides, LLD, and Success programs to utilize the swimming pool for recreation, physical activity, and sensory input.  This allows the students to access community resources with the goal of forming this truncated learning into lifelong habits.


    The district has worked to expand the concept of life skills development that roots our students in real-world learning opportunities partnered with local farmers to understand how to manage and support local businesses gaining valuable skills in enhancing their community.


    Cooking has been shown to be able to combine both therapeutic and academic areas of development.  The VISTA program is capitalizing on this to help our students through the building of school-based gardens and cooking with homegrown food, helping students understand needed life skills and the connection between what is grown and what is consumed.  


    Service-learning is a critical component of character development.  In order to help targeted populations capitalize on practical character education, the district will be working to manufacture dog treats and donating those treats to local animal shelters where students understand the value of work and that work's impact on bettering the community.


    Twenty-Six Varsity Sports 

    • Welcoming gymnastics this year 

    Forty clubs including:

    • Digital newspaper 
    • Literary magazine
    • One of the largest high school philanthropies 
    • Gaelvision video production