About Franklin School

    Franklin Elementary - Home of the Falcons
    Franklin School is one of four elementary schools in the Roxbury Township School District, located in the central part of Morris County. The school serves 350 students in grades Kindergarten through Fourth grade. The staff is committed to providing an excellent education to students by differentiating instruction and utilizing technology throughout their lessons.
    Instruction at Franklin School is differentiated to meet the individual needs of all learners. Teachers work collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities and develop lesson plans based upon individual student needs, talents, abilities, and preferred learning styles. The faculty seeks to challenge each and every student at their level of readiness. 

    Students and staff focus on the three R’s of a safe school: Respect, Responsibility, and Responsible Reporting. The Staff of Franklin School is child centered and dedicated to the students in their charge. Enthusiastic professionals, the staff participates in District and outside professional development so they can address students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. 

    New to Franklin School this year is an introduction to Spanish and World Cultures. Students explore the Spanish language through song, learning new vocabulary, and colorful crafts. In addition, students in first and second grade receive in-class Enrichment once a week. Select students in grades three and four receive pull-out enrichment in our new Gifted and Talented program. 

    Parents and Guardians at Franklin School are supportive and involved in the education of their children. The PTA keeps parents informed and provides a number of enriching activities for students. The Cultural Arts Committee brings exciting assemblies and experiences to students throughout the school year. On Tuesday afternoons during lunch, parent volunteers come in to help students learn the game of chess. The PTA sponsors family activity nights like Family Pizza Bingo. Families are able to purchase pizza pies to eat followed by a fun night of Bingo and prizes. The PTA also provides a wonderful Teacher Appreciation event, assistance with Field Day, generous teacher grants, and support with a number of other daily classroom activities. 

    Students have a number of activities they can get involved in while at Franklin School. The Early Act Club is sponsored by the local Rotary, and they often organize service projects school-wide, such as food and clothing drives to benefit the community. The Early Act Club also helps to maintain the Outdoor Classroom by weeding and raking leaves. Franklin School is fortunate to have a terrific Outdoor Classroom. It provides a natural setting where classes can connect with nature, observe birds feeding and plants that attract butterflies. 

    Events such as Back to School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, and American Education Week Open House are always well attended. In addition, many parents volunteer their time in various ways such as assisting in classrooms and the Media Center. The staff provides a breakfast at the end of the year for all volunteers. The parents and guardians of Franklin students are very supportive and it is greatly appreciated by the staff. 

    The staff, parents, and guardians at Franklin School work together to provide the best education for the students!
    The principal of Franklin Elementary School is Mrs. Lisa Ferrare and can be contacted at lferrare@roxbury.org