Eisenhower Middle School PTO

    Easiest-Ever Fund-Raiser 


    Tired of being asked to buy or sell “stuff” for fund-raising?  This is the easiest fundraiser ever.  All that is asked of you is a monetary donation.

    Our goal is to raise enough money to cover our expenses for the year.  If every family were to pay membership ($7) and make a $13 donation to the Easiest-Ever Fundraiser (for a total of $20), we would not need ANY additional fund-raising for the year!  No magazine sale, no “stuff” sales.

    PLEASE help us reach our goal.  A generous donation to the PTO now may eliminate the need for any further fund-raising for the year.

    Please make checks payable to “EMS PTO.”  EMS PTO Easiest Fundraiser

    Box Top Sheet - Send in your Box Tops at any time to the main office or to your homeroom teacher.  Box Top collection is easy and simple, just send them to the main office in a baggie.  No collection sheets needed.  We do not hold contests or other promotions.  We pool everything collectively, and we appreciate all Box Tops sent in.
    Shoparoo Flyer - Snap a pic of your receipts and earn money for EMS.  Visit to learn more, or download the app on your Apple or Android smartphone to get started.