• The Special Services Department is responsible for providing a free appropriate public education to all pupils who are classified under NJAC 6A:14. These services may be provided within the local schools or in an appropriate out of district placement. Roxbury Township Special Services Department currently provides the following in-district programs for students who are classified:

    Preschool disabled classes full and part time
    In class resource center and out of class resource center grades K-12
    Classes for children with autism grades K-3
    Classes for students with multiple disabilities grades 9-12
    These programs follow the individualized education plan developed for each student to appropriately meet the individual needs of our students.

    The Transition coordinator is responsible for assisting parents and students prepare for the students' transition from high school to their post high school life. If you have any questions regarding Transition Services, you may contact the Transition Coordinator by calling the Special Services office.

    Speech and Hearing Services
    Speech and language specialists and a Teacher of the Hearing Impaired provide instruction for pupils having such problems. Appropriate supporting procedures are recommended to teachers for the classroom and to parents for use at home.

    Project Child Find
    Do you have or know of a Roxbury Township child, three to twenty one years of age that may have a developmental delay? If so, our district's child study team can help.

    A community-wide effort to find and help children who may be developmentally delayed in some way and in need of special education programs and services, is now being conducted by our school district's child study team.

    In many cases, a child who is identified early can be helped if special education is provided. Sometimes parents just need to know what special programs are available and how these programs may be obtained for their child.

    If you are concerned about your child and are uncertain about what you should do, please call the Child Study Team at 973-584-4232. If you know of a child who may have special needs, please ask the parents to contact us for further information. All information is confidential.

    Home Bound Instruction
    If illness or accident requires a prolonged absence from classes and the confined student is able to proceed with studies, the school will provide homebound instruction. Please call the Special Services office at 973-584-4232 to arrange these services.

    Special Education and Child Study Team
    A student who is experiencing learning or behavior problems may be identified to the Child Study Team for evaluation to determine if the student is educationally disabled and in need of special education services. Identification to the Child Study Team shall be made in conformance with district and state guidelines and procedures. A student may be identified as a candidate for evaluation by parents or professional staff. In all instances, written parental consent is necessary before the evaluation can be conducted. 

    Admission Age
    The Board of Education will admit to this district children otherwise eligible by law or Board policy who have attained the age requirements set by law and this Board of Education. The Board requires documentary verification of the age and birth date of any child for whom admission to this district is sought.

    Preschool Disabled
    A child is eligible for entrance into a program of special education who has attained his/her third birthday and has been found by the Child Study Tean to be eligible for a program for the preschool disabled in accordance with rules outlined in NJAC 6A:14.

    A child is eligible for entrance into kindergarten who will have attained the age of five years on or before October 1 of the year in which entrance is sought.

    No child will be admitted to kindergarten who has not met the age requirement set by this policy.

    First Grade
    A child is eligible for entrance into first grade who will have attained the age of six years on or before October 1 of the year in which entrance is sought or has completed the kindergarten program of this district or an equivalent program elsewhere and has been recommended by the teacher for advancement to the first grade and district review of records.