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Jets Center Connor McGovern to Visit Roxbury and Wayne Township High Schools

Jets Center Connor McGovern to Visit Roxbury and Wayne Township High Schools

ROXBURY, NJ (September 8, 2023) – New York Jets Center Connor McGovern is introducing able™ in Schools curriculum to Roxbury High School in New Jersey. Next Monday, September 11th, staff from Roxbury High School and Wayne Township High School along with 10 additional surrounding districts will be trained for free on this curriculum, followed by NY Jets Day at Roxbury High School.

The curriculum is supported by TNT Kid’s Fitness, an organization that provides inclusive physical education experiences founded in Connor’s hometown of Fargo, ND.

McGovern and TNT Kid’s Fitness will lead an active movement day for over 80+ students with special needs and their peers. McGovern will guide the students through a series of stations filled with multiple stations that build and strengthen functional movement patterns.

The program able™ in School™ - Vocation Fitness, is a Physical Education Course, and is a joint creation from McGovern and TNT Kids’ Fitness, which encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion supported by a K-12 physical education curriculum for all children.

McGovern and TNT first launched able™ Games, an annual groundbreaking competition that hosted 150 plus athletes of all abilities in 2021. Together, TNT and McGovern have made history as the region’s first all-inclusive functional fitness competition.

The success of able™ Games then inspired McGovern and TNT to establish able™ P.E in 2022, providing opportunities for students with special needs to partner with non-special needs classmates to endure physical challenges while also developing cognitive, social, and emotional learning. In bringing a piece of his hometown to New Jersey, McGovern hopes to spread this curriculum to schools in the area to create a more inclusive learning environment for children with all abilities.