• Roxbury's Portrait of a Graduate Competencies


    Roxbury students will be Emotionally Intelligent


    • Self-aware
    • Socially skilled
    • Empathetic
    • Reflective
    • Interpersonally skilled
    • Experienced with conflict resolution

    In order to demonstrate proficiency as emotionally intelligent, students will be able to show they are self-aware and cognizant of others by expressing empathy, a capacity to work well with others, and an acknowledgement in the power of growth from reflection.


    Roxbury students will be Curious Thinkers


    • Cognitive agility
    • Knowledgeable
    • Curious
    • Life-long learner
    • Thinking “outside of the box”
    • Creative
    • Analyzing
    • Innovative

    In order to demonstrate proficiency as curious thinkers, students will pursue opportunities to continue their learning in all situations. They will apply their accumulated knowledge to unique situations through the implementation of cognitive flexibility and “outside-of-the-box” thinking in order to solve problems and create innovative solutions. Curiosity and creativity will be embraced and applied as critical attributes for analyzing and evaluating all that life presents to them.


    Roxbury students will be Leaders


    • Character
    • Passionate
    • Confident
    • Self-directed
    • Integrity
    • Work ethic

    In order to demonstrate proficiency as leaders, students will consistently embody high-quality character traits.  This will be expressed through consistently exhibiting integrity and compassion through self-directed and confident decision-making.  The steadfast work ethic demonstrated by these individuals will be supported through their determination for excellence in themselves and others.  

    Roxbury students will be Active Citizens


    • Globally aware
    • Socially aware
    • Communicating civilly
    • Service
    • Civically literate
    • Ethical
    • Embracive of diversity
    • Advocating

    In order to demonstrate proficiency as active citizens, students will embrace their responsibilities to influence local and global communities. These students will navigate the ethical and moral impact of being civically literate and socially aware. They will advocate for themselves and their fellow peers through service and the pursuit for what is right and just. These students will go beyond embracing tolerance and diversity to celebrating the value of all humanity.


    Roxbury students will be Adaptable and Resilient


    • Persevering
    • Adoptive of a Growth Mindset
    • Cognizant of coping strategies
    • Driven by grit

    In order to demonstrate proficiency as adaptable and resilient, students will be mindful of the fact that learning is a process where individuals persevere through consistent effort. In addition, the development of coping mechanisms and a dedication to learning from their mistakes will characterize these students’ always-present commitment to excellence.


    Roxbury students will be Life Ready


    • Practical Skills
    • Communication
    • Collaborative
    • Open-minded
    • Goal setting
    • Self-advocating
    • Team-oriented 
    • Listening
    • Resourceful
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Apt at public speaking
    • Exercise time management
    • Digital literacy
    • Accountable

    In order to demonstrate life-ready proficiency, students will be prepared to meet the practical challenges of life by learning to effectively communicate with others and embrace the responsibilities of adulthood by holding themselves accountable as they navigate an increasingly complex world. They will recognize that communication involves a command of written and spoken language as well as the fact that listening is an active process by which information is exchanged. These forward thinking students will be resourceful in their goal setting and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.