Our students' opportunity to gain college credits while studying at RHS.

  • Here are the current courses that you can earn dual credit from while learning at Roxbury High School and the associated university. We continue to examine additional opportunities which can be provided to our students. 


    Rutgers University

    Expository Writing

    Seton Hall University

    Biology Honors 

    Anatomy & Physiology I

    Pathology and Prevention of Sports Injuries

    Honors Chemistry

    AP Chemistry

    Kinesiology and Orthopedic Assessment 

    Social Media Marketing

    Television Production

    Intro to Athletic Training and Physical Therapy 

    Environmental Science

    Advanced Environmental Science

    Geophysical Science Honors 


    Honor's Physics

    AP Physics C 

    AP Physics E&M


    Tomorrow's Teachers (Kean University)

    Contemporary World Issues (Fairleigh Dickinson University)