• The Roxbury School District aligns its digital citizenship curriculum with Common Sense Media. We feel that our commitment to creating digital learning environments will only be successful if we focus on a number of supporting initiatives and digital citizenship is one of those initiatives. Our vision for creating digital learning environments with a digital citizenship focus is: 

    In order for the Roxbury Township Public Schools to prepare our students of today for tomorrow, we need to provide them with an engaging, personalized curriculum that will inspire and empower them to flourish as ethical and global citizens in the 21st century. All students have unique needs, abilities, and interests and educational technology enables students to experience a more personalized curriculum to gain the 21st-century skills necessary to be successful in college and career. Our commitment to creating these digital learning environments includes ensuring students learn the digital citizenship skills necessary to utilize technology appropriately and responsibly.

  • Digital citizenship is everyone's responsibility. Below are resources for students and staff including a wide variety of training and support resources.