Roxbury Green Challenge

  • The Roxbury Green Challenge (RGC) involves completing various activities over the course of the school year that promotes environmental responsibility. The challenges/activities focus on the education and engagement of staff, students and administration. A significant aspect of the Green Challenge entails encouraging and providing ongoing opportunities for students to be actively involved.

    The district makes resources available throughout the school year to help schools complete activities. Recognition and incentives are built into the program.

    The RGC runs from September - April. In May, awards and incentives we announced.

2022 - 2023 Program Overview 

  • The Roxbury Green Challenge (RGC) program is a behavior-based energy conservation and sustainability program. The RGC is a voluntary program that is designed to provide guidance, resources, and support to Roxbury Green Team Champions. It includes monthly “challenges” (i.e., activities) and provides ample opportunity for student involvement. This year’s subject areas take a broader look at sustainability by incorporating topics such as crane migration and river life in addition to renewable energy.

    The 2022-2023 program offers monthly topics with example activities, along with plenty of flexibility throughout the year for Green Teams to design their own activities. The activities are intended to engage administrators, staff, and students. Activities can be discussions in the classroom, after-school activities, or hands-on projects. The district encourages schools to use the program's flexibility to complete activities that work best for their school. The Guidance Documents provide activity suggestions and resources and a link to the Activity Reporting Form.

Monthly Themes and Guidance Documents