• Kids planting in a gardenAs part of Roxbury Schools sustainability initiative, we strive to teach our students, staff, and community how to live a more sustainable life and what better way to start then in the garden!

    Each of our Roxbury Schools offers a host of opportunities for our school community to learn and grow.

    Aeroponic Gardens

    Thanks to Sustainable Jersey for Schools and the NJEA, six of our seven schools have one or more aeroponic gardens located inside their school buildings.

    The introduction of aeroponic gardens to our schools traces back to the vision of incorporating cutting-edge agricultural practices into our educational environment. Inspired by the need to promote sustainability, food literacy, and hands-on learning, the decision to implement these gardens was rooted in a desire to redefine our approach to food production and consumption. The history of these gardens is marked by a commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, as we sought to create a tangible link between classroom knowledge and real-world applications. By integrating aeroponic gardens, we aimed to empower students with a deeper understanding of plant growth, nutrition, and the intricate interplay between science and sustainable living.

    Outdoor Soil-Based Plots & Raised Bed Gardens

    Roxbury Township is fortunate to reside in a beautiful spralling suburb in northern New Jersey with picturesque grounds allowing our schools to bring the learning to life outdoors. Our outdoor garden spaces create a thriving hub of experiential education and exemplifying the remarkable advantages of immersive outdoor learning. Through this innovative approach, students are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the natural world, fostering a profound connection that ignites their curiosity and sparks a deep appreciation for the environment. This outdoor space serves as a dynamic arena where students don't just absorb information, but actively participate in their own learning journey. Engaging directly with the natural surroundings, they embark on explorations that extend beyond the confines of traditional indoor instruction. Whether it's cultivating vibrant gardens, designing sustainable landscapes, or observing the intricate ecosystem dynamics, students immerse themselves in hands-on activities that invigorate their senses and nurture a holistic development. Physical activity becomes an integral part of their learning process, invigorating both body and mind. As they dig, plant, and create, they simultaneously cultivate life skills, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility toward their surroundings. Throughout the year, this enchanting outdoor space blossoms into a thriving arena of learning. Students engage in the rhythms of nature, witnessing its transformations firsthand, and in turn, fostering a profound sense of stewardship.

Gardens in Action

  • Since 2016, the Roxbury Township Public Schools has been striving to become more sustainable and green in its policies and practices. The Board of Education and administration made the decision to pursue district sustainability and green initiatives when they teamed up with Sustainable Jersey for Schools, a certification program for NJ public schools that want to go green, conserve resources and take steps to create a bright future, one school at a time. Click here to read more about Sustainable Jersey for Schools.

    All seven Roxbury Schools first earned Bronze certification in 2018 and have maintained it ever since with Roxbury High School earning Silver in August 2023.

    Nixon's Husky Garden in Action 2022/2023

    NES students gardening in the fall  NES students working the garden tower

    NES Soil-Based Garden...Winter is Coming!
    Holden R., Geyli M.A., and Skylar P. working on the Husky Garden along with their fellow classmates and school during the annual fall green fair. One of the Green Fair rotations was weeding and cleaning up the Husky Garden to prepare it for winter.
    NES Aeroponic Garden Tower in Full Bloom!
    Students and staff at Nixon School nurturing its Garden Tower. The first harvest was picked in early September and gifted to Ms. June, the Lead Cook at NES. Special thanks to Mrs. Arms who has taken the leadership role in this initiative!
    Click here to find out more about Nixon's Husky Gardens.

    Kennedy Cougars Gardens Grow 2022/2023

    KES students learn about the tower gardens  KES students learn about the tower garden and tastings

    Can You Define Hydroponic?

    Kennedy students can! This year under Mrs. Iuvone's leadership students learned the parts of the hydroponic tower gardens and how they work. They discussed what “hydroponic” means, compared the parts of the tower garden to nature: lights/sun, rockwool/soil, and nutriets.

    Mrs. Iuvone creates composters at Kennedy  KES students use cardboard trays as landscape for butterfly garden

    Day of Service to Service the Environment - Great job!

    Mrs. Iuvone, a teacher at Kennedy School built a two-stall compost bin during our MLK Inservice “Day of Service”. Teachers picked a passion project to complete as our professional development day. The students school-wide began composing during snack and lunch. They now compost school-wide! The soil created will be used in their Monarch Docking Station.

    Gaels Going Green at Roxbury High School 2022/2023

    RHS student by garden tower  RHS students working in the Shakespeare Garden  

    Time to Grow at RHS

    At Roxbury High School this year, a group of dedicated students undertook the task of maintaining the aeroponic gardens within the cafeteria. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable food production, these students diligently managed nutrient levels, adjusted lighting conditions, and cultivated a thriving ecosystem. Their efforts not only yielded a bountiful harvest of fresh produce but also fostered a sense of wonder and connection among their peers, transforming the cafeteria into a hub of curiosity and conversation.

    RHS Fall Gardening

    Students in the Horticulture and Landscaping Class spend time outdoors working in the school Shakespeare Garden to prepare it for winter.This hands-on learning course teaches students life skills while learning about the environment and how to take care of it so it blossoms in the spring!

    RHS students making rain barrels using recycled materials  RHS students learn about pollination from a bee keeper

    Making Rain Barrels

    Students in the Horticulture and Landscaping Class in conjunction with the high school's environmental club came together to create rain barrels using recycled materials to be used in our school gardens and outside classroom. Click here to learn how to build your own rain barrel at home!

    Buzzing Bees!

    Roxbury High School students in the Horticulture and Landscaping Class had a special visitor teach them about beekeeping to better understand pollination in the outside garden.

    Are you interested in gardening and landscaping? Then check out RHS' Program of Studies to find out more about this course for Grades 10-12+.