Roxbury School Community Asset Map

  • Completing a Roxbury Community Asset Mapping is part of our initiative to sustain our Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. Roxbury Community Asset Mapping is a collective inventory of the positive and valued aspects of a community by identifying the places, institutions, programs, and people that contribute to making our communities great places to learn and live.

    Community assets can include information on local artists, scientists, and other experts, parks, local historic buildings, and green businesses, but can also include resources like cultural activities and events, arts, cultural and service organizations, social service agencies, and community organizations that are part of the greater community context.

    We've compiled a list of over 700 groups that are part of our community that include banks, businesses, restaurants, educational institutions, historical landmarks and museums, medical facilities, parks, playgrounds, and open spaces, transportation hubs, and community organizations. Click here to view our original compiled list from 2018. 

    ** Click here to help us continue to add places, groups, and people to our list. **

Roxbury School Community Asset Map (as of 2023/2024)

  • Click on the squares below to view our compiled lists from the various categories.

    Gray square with a white apple and book icon with the word Education in Navy at the bottom     Navy square with white outline of trees and water icon with the words Parks & Playgrounds in Gold    Gray square with a white capital building icon with the words Public Facilities in navy blue
    Navy blue square with white fork, knife, and plate icon with the word Restaurants in gold    Gold square with the Portrait of the Graduate logo and the words Community Asset Mapping in navy    Navy blue square with a white plane & car icon with the word Transportation in gold
    Gray square with a white bank and store icon with the words Banks & Businesses in navy blue    Navy blue square with white outline of three person icon with the words Community Organizations in gold    Gray square with a white outline of a church with in the center w/ the words Places of Worship & Cemeteries   
    Navy square with white medical icon with the words Medical & Assisted Living Facilities in gold    Gray square with 3 white house icons with the words Residences & Neighborhoods in Navy    Navy square with a white museum looking icon in the center with the words Landmarks & Museums underneath in gold lettering