• Our Engineering, Design & Technology department is dedicated to building and maintaining a student-centered, school wide environment desiged to empower the development of the social-emotional skills, technical abilities, design thinking and growth mindset needed to support a positive and purposefulness in the real world. Our students are engaged in and empahasize the use of hands-on and project based learning (PBL) acitivites. The engineering desing process is at the center of focus, where a series of steps that engineers and technicians follow to find solutions. These steps include problem solving, determining objectives and constraints, prototyping, testing and evaluating while emphasis within the standards:


      • Systems Thinking - systematic orderly processes
      • Communication Skills
      • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills
      • Creativity, Design, Making and Doing
      • Collaboration & Teamwork
      • Enthusiasm, Motivation & Commitment (Optimism)



    STEL StandardsEngineering Design Process

Engineering, Design, Technology Curricula