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    In alignment with the district's mission, vision, and Portrait of a Graduate, the Roxbury Public Schools works diligently to remove instructional and systemic barriers so students who join our learning community while needing support with learning English can access the same opportunities as their English-speaking peers. Roxbury Public School provides English as a Second Language (ESL) support to students in two ways:

    • ESL instruction - One period a day, students are directly instructed by an ESL-certified teacher. Instruction focuses on functional and academic English while connecting to grade-level standards and age-appropriate learning experiences. This instruction ensures that students have exposure and opportunities to grow in all four language domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Instruction in these four domains is connected to WIDA Can Do Descriptors. 
    • SEI Trained Staff - Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, the district began training staff members from all grades and disciplines in Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) so they would be prepared to support multilingual learners (MLs) each and every day. SEI training provides staff with strategies and support so they can ensure that their classroom is accessible to both English and non-English-speaking students. Each year, approximately 25 teachers complete this 18-hour training program.

    WIDA Can Do Descriptors - Kindergarten

    WIDA Can Do Descriptors - Grade 1

    WIDA Can Do Descriptors - Grade 2-3

    WIDA Can Do Descriptors - Grade 4-5

    WIDA Can Do Descriptors - Grade 6-8

    WIDA Can Do Descriptors - Grade 9-12


    ESL Staff:

    Mrs. Karen Demarest - Frankin Elementary School

    Mrs. Deborah Krog - Jefferson and Nixon Elementary Schools

    Mrs. Monica DelRosario - Lincoln Roosevelt School and Eisenhower Middle School

    Ms. Emily Christiansen and Mrs. Maria-Elena Izquierdo - Roxbury High School

    Dr. Charles Seipp - ESL Supervisor


    ESL Curriculum

    School Counseling Services


    Curricular supports, training for staff, and translation devices are funded through local funding and Title III, Part A funding. 

    NJDOE Guidance for Families is a comprehensive website that can be accessed to answer questions about ESL programs as well as general questions regarding public education protocols.