• Adobe Flash | Animation
  • Animation I

    Animation is one of the most unique and dynamic features in digital communication. In this hands-on course you have the freedom to create and develop fun and eye catching animations based on your interests. Using various drawing and animating features, you will develop your own ideas and see those ideas and drawings come to life.
    Projects include: cartoon drawings, frame-by-frame animations, motion animations, and morphing animations.
  • Animation II
    Prerequisite: Animation I

    Combining animation and interactivity creates so many possibilities in the digital communication world. This project-based course allows you to expand your creativity and design skills by applying them to numerous real world animation projects. You will also learn how to apply color theory and the use of text into your animations.
    Projects include: text animation, logo design and animations, Web advertisements, mobile and Web components. 
  • Adobe Flash CS6