AudioVisual Services

  • DVD Collection The media center maintains a comprehensive collection of DVDs. The collection has been developed by teacher requests and offers valuable resources that support the curriculum.  
    Streaming Services Classroom Video On Demand is available through the Facts On File database.  Other personal streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu CANNOT BE USED in the school setting as it violates copyright laws.  Video on Demand
    Production Service Laminating, poster making, transparencies, CD duplication, VHS to CD conversion, photocopying, and booklet making, are among the services offered
    Equipment Equipment is circulated  utilizing the online circulation system.  TV/VCR,  DVDs, LCD projectors, DSLR cameras,  and video cameras are used most frequently.  A complete inventory of other audio and video equipment is available.
    Television Studio The home of the Gaelvision Team.  Videos, photos, and Livesteam events are created and edited in the studio and uploaded to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.